Upgrading An Angular CLI Project to Angular 9 Template.

Upgrading to the Angular CLI v9.0 template has been made much easier with the detailed upgrade instructions found at https://update.angular.io/#8.0:9.0l3 and selecting the option to migrate from Angular 8 to 9. Hopefully I can tackle this in more detail in a future blog post. For now, I think the instructions on the upgrade page are more than detailed and self-explanatory.  Kudos to the Angular team for a job well done in making sure upgrade steps are documented in detail!

Once all is set and reviewed, two command to use:

1->ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

If any errors about any package compatibility conflicts are reported, go back and review the details of the errors and fix as necessary. Once we are certain things are in order, we can issue the command below instead to force the update, basically telling Angular CLI that we know what we are doing so it stops trying to help.

2->ng update @angular/cli @angular/core –force

Below are some screenshots of the suggestions the Angular Migration Wizard presented me with: