NPM Package Semantic Versioning

NPM package versioning follows The Semantic Versioning Spec, which is a standardized way of specifying version numbers for software. In a package.json file, the semantic versioning (SemVer) scheme is used to convey meaningful information about changes in the package.

The SemVer format consists of three parts: MAJOR, MINOR, and PATCH.

  • MAJOR version updates indicate significant, potentially breaking changes in the package.
  • MINOR version updates signify backward-compatible new features or enhancements.
  • PATCH version updates represent backward-compatible bug fixes or patches.

By adhering to SemVer in the package.json file, developers and users of the package can quickly understand the nature of changes and dependencies. This helps in managing and maintaining projects, ensuring that updates won’t unexpectedly break compatibility or introduce issues.

As Angular NPM packages are constantly updated, I find this SemVer Calculator handy for determining the impact of version updates and how they align with your project’s dependencies, which can sometimes be a complex task.